hi everyone first post here so go easy.

I am a beginner at guitar, been playing for about 5-6 months can play decent i guess and my first guitar is terrible. Anyway i'm upgrading soon for my birthday and i don't know what to get out of these couple of guitars, I have a fairly limited budget under $500 (yeah i know im poor.) if anyone could tell me which is the best or suggest other better guitars that would be great. (I play mostly 80's thrash metal. you know metallica, megadeth and such)

Epiphone 1958 Explorer
B.C. Rich Trace Warbeast
Jackson JS32T Rhoads
Jackson PDX Demmelition King V
Dean Razorback DB Floyd Lightning Graphics

Stay away from the B.C. rich, Dean and Jackson in this price range they are almost always gonna leave you wanting a better guitar in a year, and the quality is very inconsistant in this price range. Look into the ESP/LTD line you'll get a much better quality instument than any of the companys listed. Now IF YOU CAN TRY THEM OUT FIRST you may find a keeper out of your list, but I wouldn't blindly buy one online.
Explorer out of tht list, pretty decent for thrash.
LTD KH-602
LTD M-15
Schecter Hellraiser FR (for sale w/hsc, pm me.)
BC Rich Bronze WarCock
BC Rich Ironbird1
Tokai Voyager
Jackson JS30 Kelly
Vester: Metal flake gold/black crackle
Vester: rainbow crackle
Carvin V220