good one!don't really like some bends though..like at 15 seconds...were you going for a whole step bend or whole step and half?cause a whole step and half from that note it's out of key,intead if you were going for a whole step bend then you pulled the strings a little too much

thanks you very much...

what is C4C? i'm new over here...
Not bad, i see you have the right idea. I think perhaps a few less slides and maybe switch to the neck and bridge pickup position. Over all ok though
Not bad at all !!

I personally would go for more juice (gain) as the backing seems a bit rock oriented. Also some of the bends are out of tune.

But the solo itself was good. Keep the good work up and work on your bends a bit ;-)


PS: nice guitar !
thanks you evrey one , more post please?

by the way: what is PS? :O