Hi guys,

I can't help but think that I could really improve my playing by making my hands move less it might make things easier, it's difficult to explain, but when I study other guitar player's fingering, there hand moves very little when playing fast (yngwie malmsteen is a great example of this)

Here's a video I just recorded or my playing, it might give you an insight as to what I mean.


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Well, just two things I can come up with. It's not that you have too much hand movement, per se, but it does appear as if you move the pick just a tiny bit too far from the string you pick so the miniscule extra little bit you have to go to return the pick back to the string (when say you are alternate picking on one string back and forth for example) takes a little extra time than if you stayed closer to each string after you hit it, so it has less time to go back there. Hope that makes sense.

The second thing is how heavy is your pick? People will tell you different things but the pick I use for what you are doing is very light, and I use the bend of the pick back and forth rather than my wrist, so that it stays very close to the string, so it doesn't have nearly as far to return to hit it again. In fact, I just use the bend of the pick and really, my pick doesn't really have any space at any time, away from the string.

Obviously, this is more for when you are alternating on one string and not economy picking but that is one way to get more speed for you buck, keeping the pick closer to the string. I can't do what you are doing with a heavy or medium pick. I need that bend from a light one, not that someone else can't do it but I can't. If I had to guess because I can't see your pick really, i'd bet it is a medium, and that's making you get a tiny bit too far away from the string. If not, if it's a light one, then maybe just hold the pick in a way you can use the bend at the tip of the pick more and use your fingers to manipulate it rather than moving your entire hand or wrist. Obviously and lastly, if it's not obvious, you can't hold the pick right at the tip to get any bend, it has to be slightly higher.

That's all I got, someone else might pick up on something else, instead, but that's my two things.
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