Hey guys,I just bought an EPIPHONE LES PAUL SPECIAL-2 and a LINE 6 FLOOR POD.I'm kinda new at this 'cause I used to play an acoustic guitar before.I'm interested in playing melodic death metal and metalcore songs.So can anybody help me by telling me the right setup of the guitar and the processor for those type of songs????I'm having trouble with it!
unfortunately the guitar you bought isn't the best choice for this, but with some tweeking you'll get a decent sound. Try tuning to D standard thats gonna help you a lot in the sound. As far as guitar set up that's all personal prefrence. now do you have the original floor pod or the pod +?
I don't have any experiance with that model, but if you go to Line 6.com there are amswer forums like this that can help. Also on there site is a demo of diffrent sounds for the Floor Pod. Just google line 6 floor pod and click the link for the original on line 6's site. I'm a member there and the guys are pretty helpful.