So I went to a pawnshop like 10-20 minutes away. And i tried out the guitars (It was music 'n' pawn) and i seemed to like the Schecter Blackjack ATX, it was like $550
and it played pretty well, but for some strange reason. I'm drawn to Schecters. and I kinda wanted something strat-like bodied, and I wanted something blank that i could like customize, if you know what i mean, so that i dont get like a red finish and i can't customize it to make it look like my own.

Heres the link to the guitar its in the aged white color. http://www.schecterguitars.com/International/Products/Guitar/Blackjack-ATX-C-1.aspx
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Offer 450 for it and go from there. As long as it's in good condition 550 for that is a good deal
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yeah the pawn shop has maybe $250-$300 in it at most, I'd start at $400 and see what you can do from there, but I say no more than $500.
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looks cool
offer them less for it.

550 is good though, i forgot to mention it also includes a gig bag and hardcase. Considering i looked on guitar center and it usually cost like $700 just for the guitar
But im gonna go to another town and see if they have any good guitars.

I saw an ibanez and i played it but it was probably a crappy cheap model and it didn't feel good.
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Yessir it is