Im wandering about what kit I should next go for...
I really want something BIG ! Like :13x8 ; 16x16 ; 18x18 ; 24x20
But i'm not sure what company to go with... I was thinking maybe a custom order with Pearl... Or Truth Custom Drums Or SJC ....;
I Haven't nearly got enough money but im saving up and wanted you guys opinions on what to go for...
Mr. Wizard

That's about the "biggest" set I could find (I've been eyeing this one up m'self), other than this most likely you'll need to order custom sizes. However, I would recommend not going too big, or else the toms start losing what makes them toms. And with the bass, anything over 26" is just totally pointless, most likely for show
Ha, wow what a coincidence! I just googled "Ludwig Classic Maple" and that was the first result I got under "shopping."