Hello fellow UGers,

I've been in the market for a good 7 string guitar for a while now and can't seem to find anything else then Schecters. I love trying before I buy but my local shops don't hold much stock and thus I ask your advice: who should I be looking out for? Schecter seemed to have a wide (price) range of 7-strings but I want to see other models from other brands. I know Ibanez has some nice models. Who else shoul I be looking at?

Thanks in advance.
There's a pretty limited market for budget seven strings at the moment. The only brands I can think of that make them are Agile, ESP, Ibanez and Schecter. If you have to try before you buy, then look at the the latter three. If not, then you may want to look into Agile guitars in a few weeks when they get their new shipments in. What are your desired specs? Stuff like bridge type, scale length, body shape, etc.
Got an Agile Hornet 7 Pro and its nice. (Floyd, Duncan Blackouts)

Pretty much the only sectence I always post on this board.
I'm looking for a guitar fully equipped. 7-strings, 24 frets (standard of 7-strings I hear), Floyd Rose (or equivalent like the Ibanez system). In terms of pick ups I'm open to all, it's more of a Try before I buy thing. Body shape isn't much of an issue. However, I would love a Mahogany body for it's density and pure sustain. Ebony fretboard a plus.

My musical influences are so varied I want a very versatile guitar. I play anything from Death Metal, to 70's rock, to folk music. Heck I even play happy birthday :P
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^ Scale length is super important in an ERG as well. If you'll be detuning prety much at all, you'll want a scale length longer than 25.5" to keep your low B string sounding tight. If you think you can handle it and would be more comfortable with a 25.5, then there's still loads of options there too. That'll be about all I need.
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check out agile guitars and EMG


Yeah, basically LTD, Ibanez and Schecter are your best bet. Schecter's Omen series is good, you can also look at the RG7321 and the RGA7 from Ibanez and the LTD MH-417 and SC207.
^ Not necessarily, it's all preference really. The MH-417 and SC207 have fixed bridges, so they're out. The only RG that is trem equipped is the RGA72TQME. LTD's FR equipped 7 (the H-1007FR) is a 25.5" scale, and we're still not sure what TS wants. Also, Ibanez and Schecter have very different trems, pickups and neck specifications.

If anything, it seems TS' best bet right now is Agile, since they have an LFR, Mahogany body, Ebony board, 24 frets, 25.5" or 27" scales, a very wide range of finish options, and Seymour Duncan Blackouts (which I found are much more versatile than EMG 707s).
I've been peeking around SS.org and have been going through Agile's (Rondo Music) catalog and alot of their products seem VERY appealing to me. The only downside is trying it out for myself which doesn't seem to be an option with these beauties. As for scale size I'd be more comfortable with a 27'' for versatility. A guitar, to me, is a tool for reaching a certain sound for a certain style. I'm looking for a swiss-army knife. 27'' would fit many styles of tuning and playing. If any other alternatives to Agile are worth mentioning please do contribute.

Thnkas alot for the help you have given me up until now.
^ If you do want to check into Agile, I'd suggest waiting until May when they get their new guitars in. What they have now is just whats left over from the holiday orders. They'll way more options in a couple weeks. Cheers in your search man
Thanks alot sir. I was wondering why stock felt so low. Was almost about to order a Semi Custom built guitar to get what I wanted. I'll keep you guys posted in the 7-string Legion thread.
I was determined to get an Agile, they seem perfect for my needs.. but living in the UK, the import tax + customs charge would have been absurd. I'm better off buying a higher-end Ibanez or ESP. Still, Agile are WELL worth a look! Anyhoo, here's a few others

Ibanez RGA&, RG1527 + RG7321..couple of S series 7's too. Universe if you can afford it
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Look at Agile or Ibanez.
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I can't stress enough, a used MIJ RG742x or RG762x with a couple mods will greatly suffice your needs.
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I'd say go for a prestige Ibanez if you want quality personally. If you had the budget perhaps a Carvin. KXK are a solid cheaper custom option too.