I have a Colorsound Fuzz Wah Straight pedal it was the first I ever owned and bought off a mate for £35 in 1976. Inside it's stamped April 1974.
I haven't played it for years and I recently dug it out and plugged it in out of curiosity and nostalgia.
The Fuzz sounds a bit reedy and thin and the Wah isn't as trebly as the Cry Baby, but it still sounds good, In fact I'm going to play it at our next gig.
I just wondered if there's anyway to make the Wah sound more like 'Wah' than 'Wor' if you get my meaning? lol
Although It doesn't crackle at all, maybe some switch cleaner would help?
Sounds like a Colorsound should. I wouldn't mod the vintage pedal.

If you want a more vocal "wah" sound you'll have to get a McCoy type wah.
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