So my brother and i are tryin to start a band here in norfolk, but anywhere nearby works too, like virginia beach is fine. im a bassist and my brothers a guitarist, we're not fantastic but we're good enough. we play mainly classic rock, including led zeppelin, aerosmith, motley crue, ted nugent, black sabbath, and acdc. we're mainly lookin for a drummer and singer to jam with on weekends and maybe play a few gigs. Also a lead guitarist who can do solos would be very helpful
We share the same taste in music... haha. I'm a lead guitarist in VA Beach. I've been trying to get a band going for what seems like forever... I'm 16 and live over in Kempsville, but getting to Norfolk isn't too much of a problem. If you haven't found anyone yet, by all means, reply or message me...!
Sounds good, you can do some solos? Cuz thats the only thing my brother can't really do very well. I don't have a drummer right now, but I have a friend who's interested in becoming one, so he said he's gonna buy a drumset around June, but if you know anyone that can play and already has a drumset then that should be fine. I also have a possible singer but its a friend of a friend so if you already know anyone who you want to sing and he's good enough then thats okay too. I really hope to get a band going this summer then maybe start doing some gigs by fall if we're good enough. By the way, what school do you go to?