Heya guys,

Currently working on some metal stuff, and would appreciate feedback on some work-in-progress lyrics. The song's based on 1984 (Orwell).

The Power of Hate

Entwine, the fear of weakness and death
I love, yet I hate with a fire so strong
A moment of passion and freedom condemns without thought
Slowly constricting till all that remains is cold, hollow and grey

Our freedom, our saviour, the power that conquered us all
Our Brother, our lover, the hatred that conquered us all

My foe is my world, a many-headed hydra of emptiness and despair
The wars between our foes unseen
Tightens brother’s hold on our identity


In all this emptiness
With all this helplessness
In the presence of fear I will submit to your cause
With all your ruthlessness
Through all of my weakness
You will not need to push me anymore

Chorus - 2nd time below
My freedom, my saviour, the power that pushed me to lie
My brother, my lover, who kept me, then left me to die
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