what are some of your favorite funny commercials? Least favorite? I HATE that car insurance girl flo and that cox guy with the green sweatshirt he's freakin annoying, and now he's even doing ads before youtube videos...
Flo is awesome.
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Radio commercial I heard a couple days ago:
"Can Geico save you 15% or more on car insurance?

Is texting getting out of hand?


Oop, gotta answer that

Now where was I? *Beep*

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Trojan triphoria commercial.....SWEET!!!


Not really a commercial but that reminded me of this

Its funny how so many people can love these Geico and Progressive commercials when I find them so irritating. They just look like they try to hard, to me.

I thought that State Farm Lumberg commercial was funny.
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honestly most commercials i cant stand. but there are a few that are really good
Opulence. I has it.

He's actually my Facebook profile picture right now (kissing the mini giraffe), I can't get enough of those commercials.
Skittles make pretty good commercials. Too bad they taste like ass.
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I love the "can I get a hot tub?" guy because he sounds like a black white-guy. These are really old, but I liked the "Brilliant!" Guinness commercials when I was younger.

EDIT: The Playstation 3 commercials are ace as well And Flo is the only woman for me.

I envy one and all who have not had to endure these

Also, I always crack up at this one. Old, and probably everyone's seen it...but it's class.