Hey dudes,

I was restringing my Fender Stratocaster Classic 70' series and checked the manual for some tricks how to start since I've never done that before.
I was wondering about the amount of space between the strings and the neck.
In the manual it says something about 2mm (5/64") for the high strings and 2.4mm (3/32") for the lower strings at the 17th fret.

I tried that out and lowered my strings to ~ 3mm space. Before that there was definitely more space in between.
So what I want to say is that 2mm seems pretty less clearence or is it really the way it's supposed to be?

But anyway here comes the problem:
When I now try to bend the b-string at the higher frets the tone dies even before I raise it for a full note. I guess that the string is getting in touch with the fretboard because of the less space between string and neck but I'm not sure if that's the problem or if it's something else.
if your neck is crooked, you can set the strings at a correct distance and still have the problems you're describing.

2 options:
1 - read up on truss rod, action, bridge and nut adjustments until you know ****ing everything. then, practice until you're comfortable. then, adjust your neck properly for your preferences (as kangaxxter mentioned)
2 - get it setup by a pro.

one requires effort and is ever so slightly risky for your guitar. the other requires money. up to you!
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but yeah its fine
Theres a book by Dan Erlewine that covers all aspects of guitar setup. Fantastic book imo. I think it was "How to make your guitar play great" or something along those lines. Covers the basics as well so it wont be a problem.

Probably easy to get from a decent library, thats where I got the one I read.
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Thx for your replies.

I Think I just have to play around a little with all the features to get the perfect setup for me.

And thx for the suggestion regarding the book @ Gabbastard, maybe I'll give it a try.