thanks dude!!, man your track is awesome ahah i love the intro, how do you process the vocals? This is probably the best remix of ET ive heard ahah how do you do the higher wobble in that dropp? are you using massive?
dude im so glad you like it! just saying your ke$ha remix is beautiful, i cant stop listening to it i told all my friends about your stuff because its legit. but any way yes i do use massive, i also use just abletons operator some some of the tamer wobbles, but yes i do use massive and i love it. it took for ever to make all those sounds from scratch lol i would go into depth about how i made it but... its a mess haha. and the vocals took the longest out of the whole thing. what i did was i took some of her sustained notes and copped them up into different sections and individually changed the note using the transpose. i actually brought the song from Fm to gm so it sounds even more robotic sounding and i auto tuned it (of course lol) and used a harmony engine and eq to fatten up the sound.
and thanks, i am extremely humbled by your comment that its "the best remix" out there lol im working on some original stuff and if all goes to plan ill have it up soon.

my question to you is how do you make your fidget bass sound. i love it

sick man thats the auto tune im hearing for sure ahah im going to install that right now and use it on my newest mix ahah i forgot all about it.

If your talking about the bass at the start of the song, its made in massive i think i just detuned the square 1 wav 2 octaves and added another osc with the same wav or a square wave then added some filter and dimension expander and classic tube disto

then i processed it with a few effects in ableton i think

i lost the midi track i created for it

anyways dude i started following you on soundclod, definately keep in touch your producing sounds amazing
yeah i started following you too, send me a message on soundcloud when you finish your newest mix, id love to hear it. we will keep in touch for sure