In my spare time, I right metal aside from my rock band. (As I've trained in metal for years.)

Recently, I've been enjoying a spark of djent. Usually I play with my seven for this kinda stuff, but I recently picked up my 6 for this track. Tuning is drop C.

Obsydian - System Failure

I'll keep adding tracks to this thread as I write them.
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(The thread really isn't that old but...) Come check it out!

Wesley Wyatt

Here, you can listen to 10 COMPLETE recordings.

System Failure and Laceration are from my upcoming project, Isis. Lost, IIIXXIIMMVII, and Dissonance are all from my free, 42 minute album, "The Absense of Light". Beyond the Heavens, Prayer, The Child Never Born, Underneath the Sun, and Null are from my, currently, incomplete album, Aeternus, which is currently on hiatus.

All have different production values with my Isis being my best mix, in my opinion. Give me your take on as many as you have time to critique!