Hey, I'm new to building, and I'm not quite sure what string trees to get for my Tele Deluxe. I've seen a couple kinds, the roller, the T-shaped kind, and the Graph Tech ones. Are there any major differences, or one kind that is better than the others? Thanks.
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I can only offer you info on the Graph Tech string trees as those are what are on my strat right now.

Honestly, they do make a difference but it is not a significant difference.

I used them in conjunction with locking tuners, a graphite nut and graphite saddles and my tuning-stability has improved 10 fold.

All-in-all: Use them alone and don't expect TOO much. Use them in conjunction with other hardware and you can expect a much larger improvement.

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I have the T ones on my tele i guess, sorta look like /\_/\ . But I have a problem of the strings catching on it, when i am tuning the e and b string, I have to reach down and occasionally push the string so it releases from the string tree. My experience with em...
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