Alright guys, long story short -
My the piece that holds the jack into the bottom of the guitar came loose and fell off. When I fixed it, I put it back together wrong, which resulted in the jack completely breaking off from the wires and falling out of my guitar. So obviously, I need to get this fixed, and since I don't have a soldering iron (even if i did, i have no experience with it), I'm going to take it to guitar center to get it fixed. But my guitar teacher told me that they don't necessarily always know what they're doing and that it takes them almost a week to get it done.

So here are my questions:
1. Is Guitar Center a good place to get this fixed? There aren't any luthiers around where I live, and the only other places are these cheap music stores that sell band instruments.

2. Have any of you guys had experiences with Guitar Center's repairs? Like, how long do they normally take, do they do a good job, etc.

3. How much would this cost? Can they just re solder the wires to the old jack, or do they have to get a whole new one?

Thanks in advance
It sounds like the perfect time for you to learn to solder. Do a bit of research, buy a 40 watt iron and solder, practice a little, look for the solder on the jack to find out where the wires go, clamp wires and test with your amp. to see which way the wires go, no buzz when right. Be gentle, pulling on wires causes more damage fast.
Second choice to me might be to see if there's a tv or electronics repair shop in your town that might do the solder job while you watch. The ground wire goes on the side.
Good luck.
Short answers:
1) No.

2) Too long.

3) Too much.

Long answer:
If you go to a GC to get this done, expect to wait a week and a half to get your guitar back, and expect to pay through the nose for something you could have fixed in no time for a pittance.

New Jack = ~$2. Solder Iron = ~$10. Solder = ~$2 (also, this is way too much solder, you could do a ton of repairs with $2 worth of solder, but I've yet to see a place that stocks it is smaller amounts).

The amount of time for you to become proficient enough in using a soldering iron to make the necessary repairs: 15-30 min. The amount of time necessary to actually make the repairs: about 2 minutes.

I think the hardest part would be finding a new jack, but that's still pretty easy.
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