Some of you may remember the band Outvile (or not ). So here we are again, but this time with some changes.
I’m Vict Alone. And I’ll be “in charge” of the Outvile and my new band “Vict Alone”
So I welcome everyone to give it a try and check my videos on YouTube. I suggest you start with my video “Bombs”:

http://www.outvile.com/player.html - our music and videos.
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"Bombs" is a very good song, nice but deep at the same time; it's a shame that nobody else replies. Video by itself is very impressive and perfectly fits..
I am making my new flash game (bricks-type with extra physics) and woudl like to use this song as a soundtrack there, it may fit perfectly; can I use? If I manage, I will post the link here - maybe someone will like to play+listen

By the way let me remind you that Vict is the same Vict with whose vocal many people here were impressed, and got into Bands of the Year article (2008 I believe)
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