i need a very quick response,
i have found an offer for this head a crybaby wah wah pedal and a Yngwie Malmsteen YJM308 Overdrive pedal for £150.00

should i get it!?
im a rhytm guitarist in a band, that play heavy metal (avenged sevenfold, bfmv).....

please help!!
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play heavy metal (avenged sevenfold, bfmv).....

That offer is a steal, definitely buy it if you need a head.
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yea i need a head, but i also really want a boss me70.... i dont know what to do
Its a decent head, scoop it up. What do you have to loose. I play one occasionly and record with it sometimes.
check ebay completed listings.

I loathe the avt, but if you can sell it on (and the other stuff) for more than you paid, it might be worth it.
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At that price you can always flip it for profit once you come to your senses. It would do as a stopgap measure until you can afford an amp that actually sounds good.
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