Hey all! It's Kaveh, and I had a quick question... "Is it possible to self-learn guitar?"

I started guitar when I was a kid, and forgot it all due to lack of practice (school got in the way) but I returned to my Ovation Celebrity, and I'm ready to learn it all again, the only thing is that I don't have the time, or money to get an instructor, so I decided to self-learn it. Do you guys think it's possible?

Not a snowball's chance in hell.
Yes you'll be fine.
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you'll need a teacher at some point, otherwise you'll never get out of bad habits or be able to see your technique from another perspective
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You can. I have. You have UG and youtube.
The teacher is there to tell you when you're getting into bad habits. Just be judgemental on everything you play.

Also, avoid "the pit" section of UG if you want serious answers!
yeah, you can that's why I've been doing and I'm happy with my progress, but I would love nothing more than to get lessons once i have the money and time. But you have to be careful of your technique and make sure you're not getting bad habits that will be too hard to shake later on. Nowadays tabs, youtube videos, free lesson sites are all over the web so it's not hard to learn on your own at all.
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self-learning guitars are far off in the future. but perhaps if thist futurist singularity thing happens, electric guitars will indeed be able to heed Socrates' plea to truly know thyself.
Quote by Kaveh-Red
"Is it possible to self-learn guitar?"

*leaves thread*
Yeah it is. That's how I did it, I've been playing for around 3 years now. Didn't have the time or money for lessons, although that isn't to say they're something that I wouldn't like to try at some point.
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All credit to self-taught guitarists at the end of the day...
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I'm self taught and people tell me I have horrible technique.. Get a teacher if you can afford one, you'll learn much faster.
I've been self-teaching for 3 years now, and I'm pretty good, last week I worked out what the dial nearest the strings does.
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Quote by Todd Hart
I've been self-teaching for 3 years now, and I'm pretty good, last week I worked out what the dial nearest the strings does.

That's the tuner right?
1-10 semitones
Being self-taught is a fine old tradition. Many thousands of folk, country, and blues guys have never had any sort of formal training.
I haven't, but of course I started in 1976 or so and had many playing friends and access to books, and other teaching materials. Mostly it was bugging my friends..."Hey, how do you do that?"
Now, with all the myriad teaching materials available, the task of the self-learner is much easier. The main thing is to avoid falling into bad habits.
Go for it. When you can afford it, get a teacher, but don't keep yourself from playing just because you don't have one right now.
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I've been playing 10 years without any other instruction then to tap my foot while I do it (I gave that up because i was focusing more on my foot then the guitar) so now I suck and prolly have all sorts of bad habbits.
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That's the tuner right?
1-10 semitones

No, you idiot! Lol, what a retard! Paha.

The dials near are for selecting your time signature, the one nearest the tuner is the numerator and the next one down is the is the denominator.

Don't worry, it's a beginner's mistake. I bet you still think you have to bend a whammy bar. >.<

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I broke down and got a teacher who has been playing for almost forty years. I can't teach myself squat, and I learned more in a month than I did after three years of "teaching" myself. I think if you have the time/money you should go for it. then again, maybe I just suck at independent study...
The constant stream of Yes-no answers in this thread is amazing.

Yes, but it takes significantly longer.
yes, self taught now for 6 years going.

Started off listening to radio... and battering my mams old guitar..
she used to play guitar at a local prayer group thing... so I knew the gist of it from watching her, only picked it up though after about 3 years of watching that XD

You will go faster than any method if you have friends that play guitar, even if they are just starting out too.
Teacher is necessary if you really have no drive... go to the library, get books, lots of books, find a song you like... and know like the back of your hand already and go from their.

Don't be afraid to pickup a beginners book.. but stay away from guitar for dummies... that stuff is nonsense to me...

I play weddings, and now classical guitar all self taught... ok so maybe books is cheating??? not sure I don't think so myself, regardless of if you have instruction or not, you need to have the drive... these days I listen to the radio in the morning, pickup songs I like and learn them when I get home at night.

Best piece of advice I've already mentioned... friends who play too.. in the beginning I started playing because my cousin had started... then I started hanging out more with the lads in school who played or were starting to play.. eventually jam sessions were happening at my house rather then theirs ;D.

Stick with it... it's worth it ^^
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I taught my self guitar, with a tab book, an electronic tuner, and a guitar I got for 100 bucks. But I did play Flute/saxophone for like four years before hand with several teachers. So I had a musical basis.
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Well that was a great variety of answers... thank you Silent Murder for the hint on not posting stuff that needs serious answers in "The Pit".

Thank you

Silent Murder
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for your encouragement.

Cheers! XD
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Im self taught and everyone thinks im pretty good. Its possible you just need to practice
I've been self taught for over 3 years and sure I'm not the best at all, I could of been so much better but I put more devotion into more musicianship rather than the technicality of a guitar itself. But I still manage to somehow impress a lot of people, mainly because they don't notice the slight bad habits or things I do wrong naturally.

So yes, you definitely can just as well as anyone with an instructor (In my opinion that is), the only thing I highly recommend is befriend someone (Or if you have a friend) who's a really good guitarist that you can jam with every once in a while and have s/he help you out.
I've been playing for 8 years and have never had a lesson. You definitely do not need a teacher, you just have to find the material yourself and learn it. I know people who have been playing for just as long and have been taking lessons and I'm miles ahead of them. I'm a really great learner though. I guess it all depends on your natural abilities. But yeah, without tooting my own horn too much, I think I'm a good example that you don't need a teacher. Just takes time and dedication.
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