Hi there!
I just think about buying an HD 500 in front of my Hughes nad kettner Duotone. I want an versatile, nad a really good sounding multi FX. I want to record some music to my PC and only practice on headphones.
But my biggest wuestion is... I do not want to destroy my lead channel on the duotone amp... I just love the valve tone from it. I only want to run a clean signal of my guitar through my POD HD and give there some delay and reverb. Sometimes a bit drive to it to push a bit more my gain... CAn I do it with the Line6? So no amp modelling, no cab modelling, only FX runnning to the front of the amp or to the fx loop.
Or can you suggest me somth. better?
THX for help.
Quote by fc89konkari
There is no such thing as "better" for that purpose.

Unless you're looking at a "better" piece of equipment..

Yeah it will work, I would assume you want the 4 cable method and bypass all the pre-amp modeling on the pod.
THX for help.. yeah, you´re right, the 4 cable method will be used to connect...
But what did you mean with that quote"There is no such thing as "better" for that purpose."quote?? Isn´t that a goog sounding amp? Or should I try for ex. TC electronics Nova system? cuz I really don´t want to break my valve sound... but I still need something to record with it and to play it without an amp.-.. headphones I mean.