After a month of waiting, I received my new used guitar (2001 PRS McCarty with Seymour Duncan vintage p90s).
Sorry I don't own a digital camera

I owned Stratocasters all my life, this is a real change. Fat neck, heavy guitar. It exactly weight 10 lbs.

I never even tried p90 before buying this guitar. In my head it sounded as I wanted... and it does ! I won that gamble.

I can get tight bridge tones with the TS808 on, or true fuzzy tones with the neck pickup.
Middle is nice too. Noise cancelling and great for rhythm. Keep in mind that I play blues (d'uh). The middle pickup is not as dynamic as the neck, and the bridge is almost not. That's a down side, but I can work with that.
With the volume on the guitar down a bit, it does not clean up as well as humbuckers or single coils. It does grunge quite well and 70's rock too. Otherwise, it's quite limited tone wise. I don't mind thought, that's all I need after all.

This guitar as been played, it's 10 years old but it's still in great condition. It will keep going for another 10 years at least thanks to PRS quality.

It is a bit uncomfortable since most of the weight is at the bottom and the edges of the body are carved in a way there is a thin line of wood up instead of binding. I'll see if I can get use to that.
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