I've been wanting to learn to play for years now, but I have never got around to doing it. Recently my friends and I decided that instead of trying to find a drummer for our band, I will just have to use my excelent abilites of concentration and practice towards learning how to play the drums. Our musical interests are towards post-hardcore and metal and I will need a kit that sounds great for these. Also, probably not typical for a beginner's kit I want a larger amount of pieces too it for more variety. My price range can go as high as $1,000 USD.

I need to learn to play drums
I need a good quality kit, with good variety of drums
Up to $1,000 USD
I play Post-Hardcore and Metal

Thanks in advance
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good drums for a fair price. IMO

save some money

i mean there are tons of drum brands and kits to buy,
with tons of different tom sizes, kick sizes, how the toms mount differ from set to set, ect

some come with the stand and not cymbals
some come with just the drums
some like the second one above comes with everything.

edit also check out taye, i hear they make some nice drums.
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This one is a great beginner's kit. I've played one (although I think it might have had different heads, probably Evans), and I was pretty impressed by it considering the price.


And it's only $700 (at least on this website), so you'll have some cash left over. Because you're into metal, I'd say you should sink some of that into a double kick pedal. While I haven't used this particular model before, I do use Gibraltar pedals and they're great, so have a look at this one.


Just remember while you're looking around, kits OFTEN DON'T INCLUDE CYMBALS OR KICK PEDALS. Some will have cymbals, some will have stands and no cymbals, and some won't even have the stands. Make sure you read the fine print before buying. The kit I posted is particularly good as a beginner's kit because it has everything.

EDIT: Also, what did you mean by this?
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Also, probably not typical for a beginner's kit I want a larger amount of pieces too it for more variety.

For under $1000 it's probably going to be pretty difficult to buy a kit bigger than 5 pieces. What other drums did you want? If you get the kit I recommended, you might have enough cash left over to pick up another floor tom or something (but you may have to go used for that). Other good (and fairly cheap) options are a mounted cowbell or tambourine for your hi-hat, but you probably wouldn't use those much for metal and hardcore.




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