Hi,i'm from the WestmIdlands in the uk.I've been learning the guitar for about 2 years.I have 3 guitars,Mexican strat,Epiphone luccile with stormey monday bare knucle pickups and have just brought an American delux plus strat1997.
Started to learn the guitar after taking medical retirement,wish i had done it years ago.
Love most music ,favorites are the blues and soul.
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Quite the collection you've got there, welcome to UG!

Thanks for the welcome,is that you in the U-tube clip.I enjoyed it gave the thumbs up.
Any tips on timing thats my weekness.
I'm the guy on the saxophone in that one, didn't know I put the individual video link, oops! I normally play lead guitar, and I changed the link to the channel, so if you like what we do, go check out some more! Thanks a ton for the thumbs up!

On the issue of timing, I suggest devoting some practice time to working alongside a metronome, setting it a low BPM and playing a scale or something along with it. Starting slow works the coordination of the picking and fretting hands, and once you feel more confident with it, move up to a faster tempo! I don't claim to be the greatest guitar player, but any good one will recommend this method!
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Welcome to UG.

id say getting a metronome would be a great place to start with timing. also if you record yourself playing along to a track then listen back after you will be able to hear where you can improve then practice on those sections.
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