I'm moving and I need to sell it. Great guitar and has treated me well. Has some minor body damage, but nothing that affects playability. Neck is pristine. See pics.

Looking for $350 + Shipping. Located in Florida. Need to sell fast.


More pics on request.
yoo mann thats a good price man. i dont need it but thats a great deal just those pickups are like 250$ lol
Someone should snatch this up - great deal and a simple, cheap fix if you have a tech who isn't a moron.
pm'd get me shipping costs please.
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Quote by YUBYA
$300 shipped?

How can you lowball him on this? I guess people don't appreciate a good deal. Free bump for a fantastic deal
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.