Hello guys, as you can probably tell I'm new here :P.
I am a bassist and my goal (for now) is to record some songs and upload some videos onto YouTube.

I really have no idea how to even record but I do have GuitarPort and some sort of small mixer.
If anyone can guide me on how to start recording some good sound or what programs I might need it would be very appreciated.

I'm no expert, but I've been doing home recordings for a while and have been able to get decent sounds that are listenable but not studio quality.

You'll need multitrack recording software and an audio interface to record directly by lining in. Some midi software or drum machine probably too depending.

Since you are starting out, I'd recommend somthing cheap:

Sony Acid Music Studio works pretty well; its about a $50 purchase. Should be enough to get you started. The premier programs will run you into hundreds-thousands.

The Line 6 UX2 and UX1 are both very popular interfaces; they will let you line your guitar in directly, and they also come with POD Farm, a plug in that will let you dial in virtually any tone you desire based on a large number of amp models.

For drum tracks, you could download "Tux Guitar" a free version of guitar pro. You could write the beats in that, export them as a midi file, and then import them into your recording program.
Thanks for the advice on what to buy, but what do I do with those stuff?
What do I plug into my computer? How do I even record with all that?
For the multitrack you simply install the software. I'll assume you know how to do that.

For the interface, you simply plug the usb cable in, and your operating system should guide you through installation there.

The interface basically acts like a microphone. Plug your guitar into the interface. Open your software, press record, and play.

If you use the POD farm plug in you will want to open that first then your multitrack. You should hear the guitar through your headphones.

If your program isn't recording the sound from the UX2/UX1 setup then you will want to open the preference menu in your multitrack, look for recording devices or somthing similar. It should have detected the UX2 as an available device. Just set it to the UX2 and the the ASIO UX2 drivers and problem should be solved.
Ok, I got Sony Acid Music Studio 8.
What I want to know is why can't my GuitarPort be used as an interface (sorry if I'm totally stupid), and if it can how do I start recording my first session?

Thanks a lot

Edit: I also have a Peavey PV6 mixer thing (http://www.musiciansbuy.com/mmMBCOM/images/peavey_pv6.jpg)
Does this help me in anyway?

Edit2: I guess I'll just give links out to photos of everything I have :P.
Bass (Fender Jaguar): http://taygun.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/fender-jaguar-electric-bass.jpg
Amp (Fender Rumble 60): http://images.canadianlisted.com/nlarge/fender-rumble-60-watt-bass-amp-mint-condition_4794149.jpg
Wireless Connection between amp and Bass (AKG): http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/product/182d09518f246bace2ac6f0a0fa2d077.jpg
Direct Box: http://www.basic-home-recording-studio.com/images/LIVEWIRE_edit.jpg
Peavey PV6: http://www.drumza.com/images/PeaveyPV8StereoMixer.jpg
Line 6 Guitar Port: http://gearmedia.ign.com/gear/image/article/588/588776/line-6-guitarport-rifftracker-20050217062446987-000.jpg
Rider UDM-48A (Mic): http://www.belshop.biz/Big_Pic.asp?picture=img/productImages/340329%20(Large).jpg
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I'm sorry for being so stupid, I got everything working and managed to record myself via GuitarPort and ACID Music Studio.

The last thing I want to know is what program can I use to add 2 different sound files (1 song and 1 recording) to a video and be able to control everything's volume.
What I want to do is record myself playing a song via camera and then mute the volume of the camera, then I'll add the song I'm playing and my recording of the song from ACID.

Many thanks