Hey forum,

basically im 15 and am in a band, our band has been together about a year and we're at the stage where we want to record some of our songs.

As we are only 15 we don't earn enough money to buy lots of mics or get it recorded in a studio. So I was wondering if it would be possible to record with one mic, if so which mic would be best?

I was looking at a variety of different mics and the best one I could find for what I need is the zoom h2, is there something better or should I go ahead and buy the zoom?
If you use only one mic, it will not sound good. You can use one mic by recording each instrument individually with recording software (Garage band for example). You would need an audio interface ($100-250). Honestly the cheapest option is if you are only planning on a one time recording venture is to go to a studio. Ask around town for someone with a decent home studio and you can get a demo done for cheap. Make sure he's not a rapist.
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Okay, I'll look around for some studios we've found a place run by the council that has instruments and mics. We'll give it a go.
If I have a suggestion for you, get the Zoom Q3, or even better, the Q3-HD, if you can guys pool your money together. It won't have the best audio quality, but if you do it instrument by instrument, say drums, then bass, then guitar, ect, then you shouldn't have too much of a problem. If you can pick up mixing easily, then it can be fixed easily in something like GarageBand, or even Audacity. That's how my old band did it, and it worked out pretty well
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No I live in england. And no we don't have any kind of interface, i'll look around for some.