I have a couple of speakers lying around and was just thinking, would it be possible the wire them all up and provide power and volume control and then just use my zoom 2.1 NU with it? anyone ever heard/seen this? and would anyone have a wiring diagram for the power supply with the volume?

EDIT: I would be building a casing for all the speakers of course if this is actually possible....
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You mean a Zoom G2.1Nu?

I'd assume you just need to make a bog-standard set of speakers.

I have a G2.1Nu and I don't see why it wouldn't work. It works straight through headphones and portable MP3 player speakers which barely have any components in them.

I'd look up how to make PC speakers and go from there.
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yeah, basically I want large scale headphones to use with it. and then a volume control... probably a crossover as well.

and yeah, its the the G2.1NU. didn't have it at hand so I just guessed!

If the speakers are also different impedance's, how would it work then? or does it make any difference?

any good sites, does anyone know, that would help point me in the right direction at least diagram-wise?