Hey, I'm fairly new to the whole forum thing as well as recording in general. I got a program for my PC called mixcraft 5 in the attempt to record our ideas and mess around with our songs so we have a better idea of what we want when we go into the studio. I also got a 1/4" to USB cable so i could plug directly into my computer. The only problem is, when i record a into the program I get absolutely dreadful unusable tones and the input level bar (sorry for my nontechnical speak) maxes out. I tried to look online and couldn't find anyone really in the same situation I was in. My suspicions tell me that I'm overloading the program with too strong of an input signal because even the jazz clean presets have a fairly heavy, terrible distortion to them. An idea me and the other guitarist had was to try to find someway of turning the volume down, not using the guitar, before it goes into the computer seeing as I couldn't find a way of fixing it inside the program. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and better yet, if someone knows how I can fix this. Thanks a million.