So recently I repainted my generic strat knockoff. After I put it together and put in a new nut and strings, I set the intonation. The day after when I was playing along with a song, I noticed that notes higher than the 12th were still out of tune and sort of flat in pitch by about .5-1 note. I checked using my tuner and each string was the same on the open note and the 12th fret note. My question is, would a truss rod adjustment help fix this? I noticed the neck seems to be warped slightly inward. I'm probably gonna take this down to my local guitar shop and have them do it. I just wanna know if it would even help before I go down.
alright, thanks for the input guys. i usually play in drop D and E standard and sometimes drop C, and its noticeablely kind of flat after the 12th fret in each tuning. off to the shop i go
The way you play can also affect your intonation. Depending on how hard you press on the strings, and even how close your fingers are to the frets, the tone can be pitched higher or lower than it should be. Make sure when you set the intonation that you're using the same amount of pressure as you do when you play. It can be a big difference if you tend to play really aggressively, especially when your playing in lower tunings. Even if its a small difference its still a difference.

Edit: Duh, ethan already pointed this out. There you go, I suppose. I doubt it has that much to do with the truss rod, but straightening your neck is never a bad thing.
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