Hello everyone, Ive had too much trouble recording over the past few months. I dont have much money around so ive been using free recording programs. none of them can pick up my guitar input. I plug my guitar into my multi effect pedal and use a USB input from that into the computer. Audacity will not pick it up, and my Cubase LE4 is not compatable with Windows Vista.

So, what are the good free programs and what are the ones that cost money that are the better sort? (Please include price range-Im willing to spend up to $50)
What multi-effects pedal are you using?
Have you installed the proper drivers for it?
In audacity have you chose where the program will be receiving audio from?
I have a G2.1u by Zoom. I use a usb. I have no idea about drivers and ive been fussing around with it and still havent found out.