Mad song, great tone with the guitars. How'd you get that tone? What gear are you using?

Absolutely loved the Vai-esk feel at the start, and that kinda jazzy breakdown
Thanks alot bro! im glad you dig it. im using line 6 pod farm and im using the big bottom amp sim.
Hello buddy! How are you?

Here I'm going to review the song itself - not the song quality - cause that's just what I do

First of all let me tell you: WOW! Really great work, it's on my iPod. I personally really love instrumentals, hope you're not going to vocal it! It's kinda weird to review a song I really dig, trying to find some things I may don't like and/or would like to see modified, and it's not working. Blew me away, big potential. I am now following you on facebook


Here is my song you can review: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1431159
AND would you mind following me on facebook if you like it?
Omg dude your song is sick!!!! im following you on fb now, get in touch with me i would love to work on something with ya dude! and thanks! im glad you dig my tune. and thanks for downloading it and tell your friends im sure gonna let mine know about you!