Dude, sweet! Your vocal pitch it spot on and your guitar playing was simple, but accurate! You seem to know your vocal range and work with it well. Pretty much nothing to complain about except I would turn the guitar up, though, that's personal preference. Btw, you nailed that last note!

Whadda ya say, C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1431496
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Until about a month ago, that note wasn't really in my range. It's A4, my range was G-G#4 on a daily basis. This is all chest voice though, I've not yet learned how to blend into my head voice, because with that I can hit a C6, lol. I wish I knew how to blend and scream up there.

Thanks for the crit though!
That was awesome dude,

you gott that gritty voice going on !! a tad too much reverb for my taste and a few notes were off talkin bout (1.39 and 1.41)

but other than that it,s cool !! left a message and rated on youtube :-)

check out my cover:



PS: I can't be the only one with good ears.....( everyone says it,s SPOT ON) I can even see you shaking your head, because of the few 'off notes' ;-)
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Thanks for the crit. Yeah, it's def not spot-on as some have said. But people's definition of spot-on varies. IMO, it's as close to spot-on as I can think of. Because, it's not always about pitch IMO. I'd much rather feel a voice than hear it. That's why I prefer people like Shaun Morgan and Brent Smith to Josh Groban and the likes.

Plus, I think they were referring to the high notes rather than the filler.

But I def know what you're saying, as I'm not a pitch perfect kind of singer.
Don't take it the wrong way ;-)

I'm also more about feeling (my cover of the great Gary Moore), but off notes just annoy me as hell (its a compulsive thing :-P)

But the reason i mentioned it, was because ''some' guys say perfect cover, because it's the easy way out. They just want a comment from you, without really Analyzing/listening to the music you worked so hard on.

I bet some guys only listen like 5 sec and just say. Nice cover bro.

Only to get a response the EASY way....

I was being sarcastic with the good ears stuff ;-)

Thanks for your crit ony my cover !!!!

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Quote by cub0ne
Don't take it the wrong way ;-)

I most definitely didn't my friend. I genuinely appreciate the honest critique. You don't improve by having smoke blown up your ass.
Good :-)

If it was bad i wouldn't have rated your video on youtube ;-)


Keep singin and playing !!!