Writing this as I'm listening:

First things first, this is post-hardcore I'd say, sounds good. Really like the melody/solo song, the chorus is cool, what vocals are you planning for this I'm really curious. The verse confirms this is post-hardcore, pretty well done, I like the little drum touches and the clean stuff. The distorted verse is nice as well, Chorus 2 is nice, I like what the keys are doing over it, gives it this subtle touch. Bridge is cool, I'm not sure on the drum parts at : 40-41, 44-45, sound a bit too empty. Break down is nice, reminds me of House vs. Huricane a lot, especially with those synths back there. The part at 57 let me down a bit, was expecting something cooler, it does work, and would probably with some vocals on there work well. The clean thing afterward is nice, the solo is really nice. Like the fade out outro.

Good solid song, I thought that the chorus or what it was at 57 was a bit too repetitive, it didn't sound fresh any more, but then again, it's really nice how that you did manage to keep the rest of the song so "fresh", so it isn't bad, just a bit less good then the rest. And then again vocals could really make the difference.

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thank you. I do agree with you about th 2nd chorus, but I thought that there are too much elements, so I decided not to change anything and leave it to the vocals, just to make it easier to listen.
about the drum parts: yeah, i'm not a drummer so I ment to make the picture with it without any technical details.

about the vocals... something like 80% for the clean and a little screams I guess
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