Budget: 400-600

Genres: 80s rock/hard rock/hair metal mainly, with the possibility of slightly less-gain rock in the future. I probably need a tube amp for the tones I'm looking for (dokken, skid row, motley crue, queensryche, van halen)

New or Used: Preferably new because I won't be buying it until the summer, so used deals could disappear

Home or Gig: I already have a vypyr 15 for bedroom practicing, so this would be for a band that me and my friends are starting. Our school does have some large MG heads, but they are just that: MG's... so they sound like ass. Probably something in the at least 30w tube range.

Closest City: San Diego

Current Gear: Ibanez rg321mh. This is a mahogany body superstrat that I put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. It should be able to handle the high gain stuff, seeing how the distortion clips out on the solid state vypyr...

So thats the basic idea here. I would prefer a combo amp and not a head/cab for space, volume, and transportation reasons. Most of the concerts at our school have roughly 50 audience members and are in a pretty small space, but a few are outside.

Anxiously Anticipating An Attractive ADA-MP1 Addition!
if you want tube amps you better start looking on craiglst or ebay. otherwise the cheapest thing you can find is a B-52 solid state or a Peavy Vaulve king witch is all tube]