Hey guys,

So, I'm getting ready to write up a report for an independent study project to be started next year for the Theory Department. As a double-major in Piano and Theory, I was thinking I could choose a piano piece to study in performance that would as yield interesting theoretical analysis, and use that piece as my independent study project. Also possibly in doing so, examining how a theoretical examination can contribute to the performance and interpretation in a given work.

The piece my piano instructor recommended was the "Piano Variations " by Aaron Copland

Aside from the two aspects mentioned above, this piece also lends itself to a study in orchestration techniques and artistic development, since Copland later orchestrated the piece as the "Orchestral Variations"

But, before I make my final decision, I figured I could ask you guys if any other ideas sprang to mind. So, do you know of any significant piano pieces that lend themselves particularly well to theoretical analysis?
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Bartok has an exceedingly interesting harmonic language and an analysis of anything by him is worthwhile. He just so happens to have some fairly popular piano concertos that would probably work.

Concertos wont work, its gotta be solo stuff. That being said, I don't know much more of his piano music besides his Sonata (other then some of the pieces in that huge collection of short pieces he wrote for developing pianists), any suggestions?
If you're accomplished enough on the piano, some of Ravel's works like the Gaspard de le Nuit suite or Le Tombeau de couperin feature some deep theoretical concepts within them which would be plentiful to talk about.
Oh god how could I forget.

Webern's Variations for Piano are just incredible, of course Webern's language is a little less varied (sometimes) than other choices, but it's another option.

I can't think of other Bartok pieces for piano at the moment, though.
Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 6

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 6

Oh? I haven't done any prokofiev, so that might be interesting.

Care to give a quick overview of why it is so interesting analytically?