This is awesome mate, I'm a big Zelda fan, and I was expecting this to rape one of my favourite tunes (I don't know you at all so it's nothing personal) Anyway, brilliant tone and guitar work, you should be proud!
agreed with above. I assumed it'd be really bad too.
but to be honest, that's just because the bar for UG recordings is set really low.
not that I have anything against that. we all start somewhere.

overall it sounds pretty great. my only complaint is it could be longer and have a few more parts.
mmm emily.. you always want it longer. hope the third time will completely satisfy you. and thanks for the high hopes to everyone lol!
Very good cover! Quite a different feel from the original, this one is really upbeat and actually kinda uplifting whereas the original was slow and depressing. I agree it could be longer though.
I like your guitar and bass tones, i think the drums could sound a little stronger however.
Nice little touches on the lead guitar parts with the pinched harmonics and stuff too, instead of just playing the original melody.
Good cover man, nice one
I liked it! Not a huge Zelda fan, or punk for that matter haha. But it was a good go at the song.
Dude that sucked sooo hard....

Just kidding !!! love itt, i grew up with the game and this is pure nostalgia.
Even though it sounds fun and happy, still gives me goosebumps, of the times i was a kid and played it over and over.. (the game that is not the song :-P)

Awesome job mate, couldn't have done it better. Rated on youtube for ya..

Check out my cover: totally not game music but who knows one day..too many good guitar players like you covering them already :-P



PS: could you tell me what drum machines you used or did you do it yourself ? i want to compose my own backing tracks, as i am mostly a guitar player and can't play drums :-) thanks in advance !