I've got a Squire Bullet that I want to customize. I mainly just want to put a humbucker in the bridge. The music style I'm going for is a mix of Foo Fighters, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis.
I currently play through a B-52 AT112 with a MIM Tele. I like that sound, put I want another one, simply for versatility. Price isn't too much of an issue, as most humbuckers aren't more than $100, but let's just say that $100 is my limit.
I would record a quick sample for ya but I am currently about 5000 miles away from it.

What impressed me with it is that it was incredibly clear while playing chords with distortion, which is a signature sound of the foos. It's a great all around Rock-pickup.

I have a few videos on my facebook page but they are nothing special. Pm me your profile if you want to see em.

edit: and I stress they are nothing special.

edit2: or I could rip the audio and upload it for ya.
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No need if they're not readily available.
Thanks for the suggestion, it's definitely high on the list!
You might want to try looking up soundclips on youtube. The c22b is the stock bridge pickup for most guitars.
Dave Grohl used Gibson Burstbuckers for the "E,S,P & G" sound. try those.
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