..wear a sweat band on their picking arm when they play?

It's getting kind of humid up where I live, and my arm was sticking to the body of my guitar. So I took a long sock and cut about 4" off the top part (the tubular section), and placed it right where my forearm meets the body. Pretty ghetto, but damn was I surprised at how much easier it was to move my hand around. I'm a wrist picker primarily, and usually I can only access 3-4 strings at a time comfortably. With the increased forearm mobility it's so much easier to shift my hand around and travel across all 6 strings. And it's a pretty cool look too.
No, but I've seen guys drape a towel over their guitar. This is probably even more important on a guitar with a nitro finish.
I NEED to wear sweatbands when I play.
For some reason, I feel so uncomfortable when I'm not wearing a sweatband on each wrist.
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I wear a headband, usually helps.
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i wear a large one just below my elbow on my picking hand and a normal sized one on my wrist on my fretting hand to keep the muscles warm. not so much for sweat as i keep a towel in my back pocket for that, more to keep the main muscles warm as i play so i dont get fatigued so fast.
I put a condom over my hand, so I can glide over the strings with ease.

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Quote by Nimbus456
I put a condom over my hand, so I can glide over the strings with ease.

Please someone laugh about him, its getting pathetic..

For the sweat-thing i dont use them, never did so there is no reason to do so,

I think its just a habit for some people