So about a week ago my ear started feeling like when you come out of the pool and there is some water in your ear. There is no real reason I can think of for this, I just woke up one day and my ear felt kind of clogged. What's weird is it doesn't feel like there is any loss of hearing, just like my ear is filled with something. Like there should be loss of hearing, but I still hear the same out of both ears and my other ear feels fine. So Pit, what is wrong with my ear???
Also I have been sick for about a half a week before this and am still pretty sick and have been through a week with it. Is it an infection?? Will it go away??
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it might just be ear wax buildup.

go to the doctor or something and see if they'll syringe them. They might just give you drops or tell you to see if it goes away on its own.

of course, it could be something else, but then that's where the doctor comes in. there are very few medical personnel on UG and even if there were loads of them, this isn't the place to ask for medical advice.
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Nothing to worry about.
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Could be an insect crawled into your ears. I've read of cockroaches doing that in Bangkok prisons only to lay eggs/maggots in your ear canal and neck area.
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this isn't the place to ask for medical advice.

Just thought I'd try my luck on UG at maybe someone having the same thing happen before. Thanks
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pour some hydrogen peroxide it in and let it bubble for a while. might just be wax.

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could very well be an ear infection, but you mentioned being sick so it could be any number of things. your ears connect to your nasal passages so they can drain fluid, but when you're sick these tubes can constrict or dilate so the fluid can build up or pathogens can find their way all the way from your throat up into your ear. It could also be an imbalance in pressure, does it sound like your ears popped or like they have to? if this problem persists you should definitely see a doctor, but if its only been for today try taking a hot shower to warm up and clear out those passages.
My ears feel like this pretty much every time I get sick. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it persists well beyond you feeling better. If you're really that worried about it though, I would follow the fine recommendations of the ppl who posted before me and consult a medical professional, not a website full of guitar nerds.
Pour hydrogen peroxide in it. I'm deaf and my hearing aides force earwax to build up a lot in my ears, so this should help a little. Plus the bubbles feel better than sex.
I remember feeling like I had water in my ear for a week once after swimming.. it just went away.

But of course this means nothing to you because you should go see a doctor. Could be anything.
It sounds like it's either fluid (likely because you're sick) in which case you can't really do anything other than steam a little bit (naked if you can) and chew gum, or ear wax buildup in which case you should put a few drops of cooking oil in your ear a couple times a day for a few days and the go to the doctor and get them to syringe it.
TS, I was going to post a reply, but then... I thought of my thread about a month ago. Don't get mislead by the thread title, read through the whole post... it might have just happened to you randomly, like it did me a year ago.

Basically, it might not be wax, it may be fluid in your "middle ear":


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i had basically the same thing, and also when i played sport the pressure in my ear increased and started buzzing when i talked, like too much bass in a speaker.
it was just wax built up deep in my ear. go to doctor, tell them feels like your ear is blocked, they'll poke a big syringe in and flush it all out with water.