I'm a show at my school and we get only a short set but I figure that a sweet and maybe outrageous outfit might turn some heads. What's something I could wear, even just a shirt to go with jeans that isnt expensive and will look sweet? and whereabouts can I purchase it?
What genre?

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Well it's kind of like hard rock stuff so maybe like the whole 80s glam look lol or even like a heavier like metal look
Wear something like a top hat, usually it signifies that you are good.
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Old jeans, a chain, a Band shirt of your favorite band, fingerless gloves, wristband with another band logo, and a bandana.

That's my look on stage at least. Pretty basic.

If you want, leave out the accessories and just stick with jeans and t-shirt. Simple is good.
ahhahahaha birthday suit would be great except we'd be shut off b4 I hit the first note hahaha
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wear only a speedo that's the same colour as your skin
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If you look like you're trying too hard, you'll look like a poser(and by definition would be) Keep whatever you have, worry about playing
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perm your hair and raid a female relative's closet, you'll be glammin' it up in no time flat.
hahahha I am almost dumb enough to go for the chicken suit and then take it off halfway through the song ahahaha
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I'm taking to wearing a reverend's outfit every time my band plays.

what kind of outfit do u refer??
Just wear whatever the **** you'd normally wear.
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Tube socks. The RHCPs seem to pull it off well...
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Wear Jimmy Pages white dragon suit. You will win just for wearing it.
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