sorry man but i cant crit you well on this cause i dont know the original song. and are you playing unplugged?? i dont understand well what are u playing... hope the bump helps u to get some better feedback

im not playing unplugged, im playing with a clean tone, thanks for the reply anyway
Umm... Can't really hear what you're playing. Get a better mic, or at least screw around with your settings.

That being said, props for covering this sick song.
thanks, and can you really not hear my playing? i honestly could hear it fine, but yeah i should've turned the amp up, since the camera was right next to the speaker instead of the amp
are you sure its not just my playing blending into the song in the background, and you mistake my playing for the background? but yeah i should get a mic, thanks anyway
Same here, it wouldn't be fair to crit it when I can't hear much, sorry dude. But yea, get a cheap recorder and it should be fine.

Protip: Whatever you are using to record with, make sure the mic is in a place where it can pick up all the sound sources in a balanced manner.
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cant really hear, having the same problem as the other guys on here, also have never heard this song before, so i cant really crit fairly. i just noticed you can be a bit cleaner

Again as others have stated i can,t really hear what you are playing. It,s not that your playing in sync with the track. Cuz i kinda hear what you are playing, but it,s just not loud enough...


I hope others can give you better feedback