Check out the newest song on my profile, its called elements and has Dan Bage from Mutiny Within Playing a solo he wrote on it, let me know what you think guys
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Nothing shows up at that youtube link for me BTW. "Elements": Audio quality & playing all sound very good to me. Didn't hear a catchy guitar rhythm riff until after 1:00 though (first time I listened), then I got more into it........then I listened again & liked it a lot better. Some of the lead guitar sounds great! Overall, a very good recording! Please review my music at this link:

That was a lot better then I had thought it would be! Very cool, harmonic rhythmic playing. The lead is solid too - I dig the stereo image I'm getting with the guitars through my headphones, not sure if you did it on purpose but it sounds great. Reminds me of A7X - I'm looking forward to hearing more from you! Didn't hear anything I would recommend changing or anything - solid song, solid mix. Good job.