So I just recently upgraded my amp to an old school 6X10 tube amp. There are absolutely no built in effects except for some reverb. So Im dealing with basically an entirely clean sound. My band plays funk/funkadelic music.

Think of Tower of Power/RHCP/P Funk. Im trying to decide on a pedal to get to give me some sort of distortion whether it be an actual distortion pedal, overdrive, or fuzz.

I really am lost as to which to choose....Ive been looking at the Boss DS 2 as well as the Arbiter Fuzz FAce

Please WAAAY INNNNNNNNN because I am in need of assistance. trying to get a distortion sound that is still relatively clean but harsh enough to create a noticable difference between clean and sdistorteed
Ibanez T808 overdrive. The TS9 will work too, but not as well.
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Depends on what you are using the distortion for. If it's going to be on for any rhythm playing I would steer towards a nice overdrive as opposed to the fuzz. Personally never had good luck with getting anything but crap tone out of distortion pedals of any kind.

If you are just using it for lead, a Dallas Arbiter or perhaps even a Big Muff could be nice depending on the sound you personally are looking for, but again, a nice overdrive (maybe not a tube screamer, but in that vein) could serve you well.

My only problem with the tube screamer is that if the amp is really 'sharp' sounding (think big Fender Twin or something), the overdrive tone isn't 'soft' enough to prevent you from blowing your ears out (and not in a good way). On the other hand, works great on a clean Marshall.

I've played mostly funk and rock for 5 years or so now, and used both Fender and Marshall, with fuzz and distortion and overdrive, and those are my recommends. Just depends on where you want to go with it. I always had a lot of gain in the pocket for heavier stuff and big solos, but if you're a pureist, maybe that's not what you need.
Yea the amp has a sound very similar to a Fender Twin. But I think Id be using it for the same reasons you do. Bigger solos and some heavier stuff but Ive always had really bad luck with distortion. my sound always gets way too muddy or sharp.

So im guessing based off your comment about the tube screamer (which I had been looking at) that overdrive would be out of the question.

I wud be using it for rhythm parts as well so I do need versatility

my main ones as of now are
arbiter or big muff
boss ds 2
dod supra distortion
or possibly a different ibanez...maybe 808?