New song, writing/recording process took about 5 hours only. If it seems like I rushed through it let me know, seriously. I won't get all butt hurt ha.
Its a little more folksy-ish than anything I've done before I guess.

C4C naturally.

EDIT: I should probably include the link HURRR DURR HURR DUR

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Thanks for the review! I found it so fun, I'll give you another review at no extra charge (unless you want to review 'Bad Force'.....unless you hate that song )! Listening to "Birds & Airplanes": very nice acoustic guitar. Vocal melodies & singing are quite pleasant. The synths are nice. Nice recording!
Listening to "Birds and Planes"

I like the simplicity, and you've got a great voice. I think the beginning vocals should have a touch of reverb to give it a bit of body. Also, try some compression to brighten up the acoustic guitar or bump up the mids and highs on an eq. Drums also need to be compressed to be brought out.

I like the idea of using the synths, but I don't like the actual lines you've got there. I think they should fade in and out, but not all the way out, you know? Do what you did with the last synth line, but with all of it. I think it'll make it sound less awkward.

Here's mine
Good luck!
Love the warm acoustic feel. Great tone too. Vocals are nice, but sound a bit 'breathy'. Awesome melodies and progression. The percussion suits this track well. The lyrics are pleasant. Synths are odd until the last synth line. I agree with Progbass92 about the synthwork. Really great song you have here!