Ok guys, Iv'e been getting more and more curious about meditation and I was wondering: How do you meditate? What are the benefits? Can anyone help??
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I once went through a phase where I tried meditating all the time.

Ahh, 9th grade.
Do some basic back and leg stretches before starting, and hold each one for a good 30 seconds to loosen up the body (deep, slow breaths, not exerting yourself past your stretching range)

Assume the position (I like to set up a pillow wall on my bed to help keep my posture straight.) When you breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through mouth (even if you can only breathe through one nostril, you can still take in deep breaths).

The way I do it is focus on one point in a dark room somewhere and thinking only of that. Relax to the point where you can comfortably keep from blinking and only observe as your eyes readjust. (I'll like to switch to another object halfway through and watch shadows coat over everything, which is very relaxing to me personally).

At this point I close my eyes and to keep me from getting those few beginning thoughts and focus better, I will breathe through my entire stomach and chest, and imagine a blue energy building up every inhale, and being released every exhale. Also look up chakra meditation, can't say I do that one at all though.

After a while, cut out all thought and just observe the present without swaying into too many thoughts It's takes a bit of practice to do this, and you'll want to go at least 30 minutes each time you meditate when you start out (but you'll find yourself in it longer after a while)

It puts you in a very nice state. Breathing will be on autopilot. Unassuming way to observe things in your life and get good perspective. When you finish, you will be very relaxed and basically just positive. A little more to it than that, but you'll see. dem wisdoms
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A very simple way of meditating is concentrating on your breath. The breath is like a bridge between your body and mind. When you concentrate on your breath for a while, your body becomes relaxed and your mind becomes peaceful.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. The point is really to not have a strong focus on anything. Let your thoughts float in your mind without grabbing them.
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the post Fat Lard posted hit the nail on the head.
meditation is about total body awareness, concentrate on one point, NOT on breathing as everyone says.