does it work? cause i noticed on some old Fender Esquiers and Broadcasters n stuff that there was a switch, but no visible neck pickup, so i was wondering if that's what's going on. and if it does work, what are some "side affects"
thanks guys!
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Yeah you can do it. It just needs to be pretty hot, otherwise you'll have a lot of volume drop, since the pickup is further away from the strings than it's designed to be.
i could work as long as the pick up could feel the vibration of the strings
it might sound weak or dull though

more likely that the switches changed something on the brige pick up
There isn't a pickup under the guard. The switching changes internal tone pot stuff. The "bridge" position had no connection to the tone pot, the "middle" enabled it and the "neck" had some sort of capacitor on it that did something to make the sound more meaty.
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^ correct, having just converted my tele to an esquire, The bridge position is standard bridge, with vol and tone, middle is just volume, and neck is a fixed cap no tone, for a bassy tone, or in my case a small cap for a nice rhythm tone. But Fender has made guitars with pickups under the guard, so it can be done, I'd imagine a higher output pickup would be best for the job, but i'd test with a regular one first, has to be pretty spot on or needs an independent volume, cause you can't adjust the height
as leviman and others said, the only problem is the distance. the plastic doesnt affect it because its not magnetic, and the pups pick up the magnetic vibrations. someone atm (cant remember who) is building a guitar where the fretboard extends down over the neck pickup