What exactly do you mean when you discourage people to buy "Satchurators" or "Fuzz Universes" and tell them to find their own sound? You mean buy the basic single effect distortions ONLY and a hell lot of them until you find what sounds good for you? I mean the premade setups used by Satch and Gilbert ARE still adjustable; technically the user would still have to find his/her own sound with these distortions.

More importantly, why encourage kids to find their own sound? I mean, it's not like all of us here are going to play in bands as a permanent source of income. To begin with, musicians' source of income isn't even permanent; even the most skillful musicians still need someone to hire and pay them them.
Heck, I'm in college and I have at most 10$ (converted currency) for myself every week and I can hardly afford to buy a premade setup, much less crap loads of distortions (not to mention batteries I'll have to change ever so often). I'm using hand me down equipment from my older bros until I graduate and am able to afford my own.

How about you guys?
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What's the question?

Effects don't create a musician's "sound". It's how they play their instrument which creates the sound. Slash could play through Gilbert's rig and still sound like Slash.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I was looking though some second hand Satchurators and reviews on them. A lot of people said something like: "It's make you sound like Satch. Find your own sound."
And many people in reviews think that The Secret is an insightful book.

Their reviews mean nothing. Don't buy a Fender Stratocaster: find your own sound. Ridiculous.
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I'm not gonna lie, saying to find your own sound instead of using satch's or gilbert's is like saying "don't buy this guitar build your own"

when it comes to getting pedals, what you should do is go to guitar center or whatever music shop is nearby and pick up a guitar as close to which ever one you play and try out different pedals to find the one you prefeer. this will help you pick the perfect one for you, and then you can experiment with it more when you get home......
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