I started playing with these guys I first played with again, and well I was told they had songs and lyrics months ago. I show up and they have a handful of semi remembered riffs and no vocals. The guitarist is an irksome hipster who needs a slap to the face as hard as they come, but he's really good. The problem is he can't sing and thinks he can. He can play lead really well, but riff wise, it's the same chords and every song always ends up in this predictable breakdown that never changes. So now it's "his" band, but he's inept, and stubborn, his taste changes and he will only play that style. first it was post rock, then noise rock, now mathcore, and he's convinced we need to remain in drop C# always. He always has a bitter criticism about my song's but at least I completed them, and people liked them, now he wants to play his song's and scream, and I know his vocals alone will get us laughed off any stage. How do I overcome this, without leaving? Remember I am dealing with a hipster guitard
ou might want to ask the band leading subforum, but I would say just leave. know you said it wasn't an option but you seem to REALLY not like this guy
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I know I made it sound that way, It's just I really want to play live, and the drummer is excellent and he really is a good guitarist. If he just had one good reality check we'd be perfect but it's like his ego is impermeable. I am sorry if it's the wrong forum, just I play bass and tend to like the views of fellow bass players as they tend to be in similar situations most of all
is it just you who doesnt like him or does the drummer agree with you? im in a similar situation myself. my screamer is a egotistical turd but he started the band and i just recently joined it. he cant sing or write and is tone deaf beyond belief. i talked to everyone else and they agreed with me so we decided that friend or not we going no where like this. if you dont either tell him or kick him you will eventually blow up on him and it could possibly be at a show. if no one else agrees with you then u should just leave because u will eventually get kicked for causing friction. i know u dont want to but trust me.. it seems hard to find a band at first but once you know where to look u can find someone better to play with. i live in a town with 750 people in it. and i havent had finding the bands. it sounds to me like u just want to play and this isnt the band for you. i promise if you look you will find the right band and you will know it instantly. chemisty is a must and u can feel it when its there
hope i helped
If you look down bandleading you're going to find that this sort of thing is pretty common.

Bands for me fall into two broad categories, collectives and autocracies. In a collective everyone has a say, usually one person does most of the work, people compromise and get along, more or less. In an autocracy there is a leader who decides everything, as a band member you do what they say and the band will succeed or fail because of them. the problems arise when the band members don't think they are all in the same type of band.

This isn't really a band yet, a band has a collection of well rehearsed songs that they are performing regularly in public. There's loads you can learn though by being in this band though even if it doesn't go anywhere. Let's face it as a bassist you can't get too far playing by yourself. (I'm a bassist too). Until something better comes along you don't have much to lose by sticking with this band. There's nothing to stop you looking out for other projects or from being in several projects. I joined a band when I first started playing which was gigging within three months of my joining but I've since started a side project with another mate to play some of the songs my first band won't play. If anything else came along I'd give that a go too. I still have more commitment to the first band than most of the others so who loses?

Talk to the drummer, if you guys work well together then you could be the rhythm section for any no. of bands. Look out for singers, good singers are a lot rarer than good guitarists and a rhythm section with a singer will always be able to find someone to play guitar.

Finally, if you two are prepared to talk to the guitarist, tell him you want to be more collective in deciding what the band do.
If there's a certain part of a song that he's particularly bad at singing, ask him what notes he's singing so you can try to sing harmonies. Once he sings it, play those notes on your guitar along with the harmony notes that you'd be singing. Sometimes for me, doing something like that will either help him sing it better or help him realize he can't sing a certain part and should just let me sing it.
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