Alright, so I'm looking to swap out the stock pickups from my Epiphone Les Paul Custom, but I'm not 100% sure on what to buy. I was looking at the Bare Knuckle Miracle Man & Cold Sweat sets, but I have no idea how to even order them seeing as I live in the US.

With Duncan's and DiMarzio's I'm not really even sure where to start...

I use a Peavey 3120 120W head through a Fender Showman cab loaded with G12t75's.

Help me find the perfect set. Also, they must have a black covering or none at all.

P.S. Please do NOT recommend EMG's.
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or a WB pickups 'fire/water' set, they seem to sound pretty great in Les Pauls, i've notice a few people Change the stock pups on LP traditionals with these.
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