I'm really considering getting one, and I have never played one, simply because they were too rich for my blood. I thought about the GG Model, but instead, I'm going to mod my original 88 ESP that has been through a number of mods already and is Currently flying an Invader in the Bridge and a Pearly Gates in the Neck, and buy the pickups and have a friend of mine make the "Blower Switch".

However, I still want a Suhr, and I'm considering a standard with HSS and ebony neck, and Chili Pepper Burst (No Floyd). It's a LOT of coin, and more money than Ive ever even thought about paying for a guitar, but...I am fascinated with them now after seeing videos and hearing amazing tones.

Any thoughts or advice, or experiences?

Suhrs are great guitars. I've personally played two custom classics, an S3 and S4. The only thing I'll say against them are that the classic strat shaped guitars don't sound like strats. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it's good to know what tone you're getting yourself into. Otherwise, great looks and playability, very versatile guitars. They have a great finish, I'm under the impression that if you spend a lot of money on something, I want people to drool over it, so that's another tick there.
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They are incredible instruments, I've played the GG model and the feel was fantastic it really was a well built instrument the sound was amazing too, so many variants in tone.

I don't think paying out 2k+ is worth it though. You can get great instruments for far far less than that. Even if they are second hand. Personally I wouldn't sink that much dough into just 1 instrument even if it is a Suhr. But in terms of do they play great ? Hell yeah they do
In most of the videos where somebody is playing a Suhr and I think their tone is great, they're also playing through a really fantastic amp.

I have a really fantastic amp, so I'd certainly consider a Suhr. If I didn't, I'd consider getting a really fantastic amp instead of a Suhr.
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All I know about them is that they're expensive as crap and Guthrie plays one. And I think they custom build them for you. I'm actually curious as to just how expensive they are
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Really? ^^ No way...

How did you learn of this hidden fact?


Why start a thread asking about a guitar and then reply sarcastically when someone offers information?
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Wait, actually I did play a suhr once I wasn't impressed with, but it had the crap modded out of it. It had two jack outputs and instead of a standard 5-way selector switch it had four independent switches, each with 3 positions available on it. Very confusing - not even the staff could explain how to use it. The guitar used to belong to the guitarist from the American Idol band.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Why start a thread asking about a guitar and then reply sarcastically when someone offers information?

What information did he offer?

I wrote that I was thinking about buying one, and that I'd be spending a lot of coin. What "information" did he offer me?

He might as well have also added posted "Suhr is a guitar". Gee, thanks. Do you know if they have strings also??

Everyone else offered information advice and experiences/perspectives, which I am noting and am appreciative of.

Do you really think I'd buy something and not know what I'm paying for it?

(OK maybe I am in just a little bit of a bad mood today...some days people just get to me, doesn't happen very often)

Arent the old Pensa Suhr collaboration guitars of the 80s really rare to find nowadays? Like the ones Mark Knopfler used back then?

I know the Argentinian rocker, Gustavo Cerati, has a pretty rare custom built one since Pensa is Argentinian I think. I wish I could find more pictures and a good quality video of him using it. Ill dig around more. From what I've seen and read he rarely uses it live for obvious reasons.


It's got triple humbuckers instead of the usual Pensa/Suhr HSS styles, pretty cool looking.